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To keep up with today's increased cost of living, expensive housing, and gas prices, space-saving furniture is the way to go. Whether you want to remodel, equip or expand a popular choice is purchasing a Murphy bed.

The reinvention of the Murphy bed has evolved to meet people's needs to counter the increase in living expenses. The old Murphy bed was a basic thin mattress on an unstable wire mesh base. There were simple large wardrobe-type doors covering the bed's underside. Now the Murphy bed is available with a wide selection of side cabinets and materials. The Murphy bed can be used to maximize space while looking stylish.

The manufacturers for Murphy beds have worked to improve the quality and durability of the inner mattress spring for maximal comfort. Now, there is no longer a need for door units allowing easy and convenient access to nightstands and improved ventilation. There are several additions available including drop-down computer desks, recessed lighting, and pull-out nightstands. Whether you are putting the Murphy bed in the office or guest room, there is a wardrobe cabinet to complement any style room.

Murphy beds can be found in rooms such as guest rooms, game rooms, offices, vacation homes, and even smaller apartments. Now even businesses can take advantage of the space-saving feature of Murphy beds. These Murphy bed wall units can be found in hotel rooms, cruise boats, and resorts.

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