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 The Bismarck palm is an incredibly beautiful palm tree due to its majestic appearance and attractive, blue-grey fronds color. The scientific name of this tropical tree is Bismarckia nobilis.The Bismarck palm is native to Madagascar and suitable for sub-tropical climates. The impressive specimen is a fairly fast grower. It looks the best when grows in full sun and well drained sandy soil. The spectacular specimen requires a lot of growing space for its size.  Not all of us are lucky enough to enjoy the landscapes of the tropical regions. But some of us can definitely try and recreate the effect of the tropical regions and enjoy the beautiful sights and smells of through tropical home landscaping.  Of course some of the factors that will have to work in your favor is the temperature. As long as the temperature in your area does not drop below 4 degrees C at any point of time during the year, then you can rest assured that you can have a gorgeous tropical landscape at your home or commercial business.

And of course, most people would agree that one of the most symbolic components of tropical landscaping is the palm tree. Of course the palm trees are unusually hearty and resilient however it would be advisable for you to follow some guidelines to ensure that the palms that you plant stay alive.One of the most important things that you must remember to do is to fertilize your palm trees exactly 6 times a year. Make sure that you do not exceed this amount, in your excitement to maintain the palms it may seem like a good idea, however over fertilization can mean potential damage for your trees.
Whether you live in a tropical zone (most of us dont) or you live in a sub-tropical zone (most of us do) you can enjoy the beautiful sights and smells of a tropical landscaping. What makes an appropriate subtropical zone?

Well, as long as the temperature in your area does not drop below 4 degrees Celsius during the year you can have a gorgeous tropical landscape.

One of they most symbolic components of the tropical landscape is the palm tree. While palm trees are unusually hearty and resilient (they can even grow in England) you should still follow these guidelines to make sure that once you plant palms, they stay alive.

When you buy a palm, it will probably not be mature yet. Make sure you know how large it will grow and give it space accordingly.

You should fertilize your palm trees six times a year. Do not exceed this amount, it may seem like a good idea, but it could damage your trees. Plant the palms in a planned bed, not just in the grass. This will prevent any competition the palm might face in its early, and crucial development. Never use pesticides.

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Planting your palms first is essential for any truly great tropical landscape. Hey will provide shade for more delicate plants and keep the soil from eroding. Once your palms are established, feel free to start planting exotic flowers.

This really is the fun part as you can select a plant of just about any size and shape and any color. Your new tropical landscaping scheme can be your canvas. Exotic flowers often don't need too much up keep either. They may look delicate but they all come from the most competitive jungles in the world, and they no how to take care of themselves.

One of the only major requirements for these plants is water, water, and water. They come from places called rainforests, so naturally they require a lot of rain. The rain that falls naturally in your area probably wont be enough, so be sure to check your tropical landscape each day and monitor which plants need what water and when.

In addition to wildlife, it is always a good idea to supplement your garden with some inorganic additions. A flowing waterfall will make the area seem more natural, while a fountain can give it a Spanish colonial look.

In order to fully enjoy your tropical landscape you'll probably want to install a pathway that meanders through the garden given you and your quests a great view of all the landscape has to offer.

Small wood chips are useful because they absorb the odors of the garden and trap moisture, thus enhancing the lushness of the experience. Interlocking stone and small pebbles also make for great pathways. No matter what though, it's all up to you, so feel free to experiment.